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Welcome to your student resource bank.

To begin, there are two programs that you will need to download: Adobe and a zip program that can unzip files.

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What Do I Do first?


First you click on the Add to Cart Button Below to purchase the manuals.

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Once you have purchased the Life Coaching Materials You may Unzip the files.

A word about Winzip files...

Navigating through the winzip files may seem complicated at first, but once you spend some time sorting through the options you will begin to understand what to look for. Keep your eyes open for a small white box that has a blue header. That is generally always the program or file you are looking for. Also look for the documents with PDF symbols as well. These are either the document you are looking for or a "How To" when it comes to software programs.


Below are just a few of the materials you have at your disposal to help you through the coach training process.

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