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"Toe Jam"

Musician Tony Melendez was born in Nicaraqua without any arms.
At age 16, he started to learn the guitar.
People told him it couldn't be done.
On September 15, 1987, he played "Never Be The Same" before Pope John Paul II.
He now tours as a full-time musician, delivering what the Pope called "a gift of hope."


"Are you going to finish strong?"

Nick Vujicic was born without arms or legs and given no medical reason for this condition.
Nick Vujicic and his attitude serve as a great examples of the celebration of life over limitations.
The human spirit can handle much more than we realize.


"The Four Fingered Pianist"

Heeah Lee, who was born with pincer-like fingers only 2 on each hand standing
at a height of about 3 ft. and no limbs below her knees plays the most exquisite music enlightening people with her concerts.


Robert Kiyosaki author of Rich Dad Poor Dad

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