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Learn to let your children find their own identity in the world, and don't lose faith.

Most parents lose their faith in their kids especially when they are starting those troublesome teenage years. They are trying to find their own identity so they started behaving different now. They are not that little boy or little girl anymore, why are most young kids fearless it is not that they are careless because they are young and naive. They haven't been beaten by worldly things yet. Kids live in the present and most adults live in the past. The past is their present.

No matter how challenging and frustrating you can get raising your children, you have to stay strong and love them. You might be angry with their behavior just remember they are not bad kids it is their behavior that you want to talk about also teach them by example it is the best tool. Tell them always "I love you" many times over, good or bad. Don't ever give up on them. Be strong like an oak tree they need that from you and you will find out they can fly too! In whatever God given gift they may have.

We all were born with a gift, what is yours?




Wow! You see what I mean? Did I know this when there born?
No! But one thing I know is how to pray.
I just had to put my trust in God's hands, that he will
touch there hearts so they can be come productive human beings.

We know that children don't come with instruction package.

What a blassing his teaching others how they can fly too!

Success is a choice.